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The Big Stack is a premium lifestyle poker apparel brand retailing digitally. Our original merchandise are crafted keeping the poker community in mind. Play your best, play better than the rest.

If you can't beat them , bluff them. Be the center of attraction with our newest clothing collection.

Poker is often referred to as the sport of kings. The term ‘big stack’ is common poker jargon, referring to the player with the most chips on the table. Our logo abstracts the idea of this peerless winner through a symbolic king, marked by great instinct. A subtly hidden ace in the typography hints that this player, both strategic and skill, is unpredictable - always with an ace up their sleeves! We help budding poker players act on their passion by giving quick and easy as well as in-depth poker tutorials online.

Our Crest

The poker community thrives on a culture rooted in skill, intellect and luxury. We aim to help the community thrive by providing them with classy gear and conducting tournaments to flaunt their unapologetic grandeur. Our unique crest stems from a long history. Taking its roots back to german and swiss culture, where the shield was considered to be highest of the suit, in a pack of cards. Now in the modern day, we have incorporated it; working in tandem with the vigour and quality of our products.

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